Houzez by Volta ENG

Houzez by Volta ENG

We are looking for twenty new neighbors.

Lots with houses from 850 m² to 1,400 m².

Houzez by Volta ENG

What could be as good as Houzez?

A new stage for a new life.

Its second stage, just as beautiful, well thought out and in the best point of the Nuevo Alto de las Palmas, 20 houses of a single typology, with lots of different sizes, to cover the different needs of each style of family.

Houzez by Volta ENG

Al lado de Volta, en el segundo cuadrante de NAP, cerca al distrito escolar.

Data sheet

# de lotes

ETAPA I : 33


Directo con Ubicca


ETAPA I : enero 2023
ETAPA II : noviembre 2023

Forma de pago

ETAPA I : 40% inicial - 60% fin
ETAPA II : 80% inicial - 20% fin




ETAPA I : Espiral - Trazos urbanos - 5 Solidos - Base taller - ABC&D
ETAPA II : 5 Solidos - Base taller - ABC&D

desde - hasta

ETAPA I : 600 m² - 1400 m²
ETAPA II : 850 m² - 1400 m²


ETAPA I : Obra
ETAPA II : Lanzamiento

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