Volta ENG

Volta ENG

82 Lots.
With a privileged location to live, eat, walk, exercise, or also go to study, just a few meters away is the most complete School District in the area.

Volta ENG

Green is not only at the mountains.

Also in the head, we believe in energies, in good ones, in clean ones and above all in those that really contribute to breathing better.

Volta ENG

In the fourth quadrant, surrounded by the school district and by a unique reserve of nature.

Data sheet

# de lotes

ETAPA I : 53 - ETAPA II: 25 - ETAPA III: 4


Directos con Ubicca y reventas


Primer semestre de 2020

Forma de pago

60 - 40




5 Sólidos - Sr Wheel - ALH Arquitectos - Magma - 301

desde - hasta

1600 m² - 3100 m²


Finalización de obra

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